Table of contents
  1. Scheduling
  2. DLF Web/Phone Conferencing Support
    1. Scheduling Meetings on CLIR+DLF’s Zoom Account
    2. DLF Zoom Tips
  3. Further Considerations

To get the ball rolling, schedule a conference call. Email/listservs are great for some things, but a conference call or face-to-face meeting really gets discussion and action.

Cristela Garcia-Spitz

Most DLF groups meet regularly online (at least on a monthly basis, with sub-groups meeting more often). They generally use Zoom or other teleconferencing platforms provided by group leaders’ organizations, and schedule and announce calls on their own.

There is no requirement to use a DLF-provided platform, but we are happy to set up a call for you in Zoom, if you have a large group and DLF’s space is not otherwise booked (check the DLF Community Calendar for conflicts).

For additional resources and general guidelines about presenting at and/or hosting virtual meetings and events, see Planning Virtual Meetings and Webinars, originally created for the Organizer’s Toolkit in 2017 by Library & Archives Consultant Joy M. Banks, MSLS, as part of the CLIR Strategies for Advancing Hidden Collections project (SAHC).


WhenIsGood is an easy way to find out when everyone is free for your next meeting or event. No sign-ups or passwords required, and users just paint over their times of availability. Many DLF groups are finding this a friendlier alternative to the ubiquitous Doodle.

DLF Web/Phone Conferencing Support

DLF maintains a Zoom Pro account that can be made available for audio conversations via Zoom app, browser or phone.

Please check our Community Calendar to make sure your preferred meeting time is available, then contact us for scheduling.

Check the calendar — and don’t forget time zones!

Scheduling Meetings on CLIR+DLF’s Zoom Account

DLF working groups are encouraged to schedule their meetings on the CLIR+DLF Zoom account. To set up your meeting, email staff at with the following information:

  • Name of meeting
  • Date, time, and recurrence (if scheduling recurring meetings). Make sure to check the DLF Community Calendar for the current schedule of working group meetings.
  • Whether your meeting needs to be recorded

Once we receive your request, we’ll schedule your meeting in Zoom, add the meeting date/time to DLF’s Community Calendar (unless the meeting is closed to the public), and email a copy of the Zoom meeting invitation to you. Please note that screensharing is an option available to all in Zoom meetings on our account; however, if your group meeting requires breakout rooms or polls, please let DLF staff know at least 24 hours in advance so that we can ensure staff availability to transfer meeting host privileges at the start of your meeting time.

DLF Zoom Tips

For further instructions, visit the support page.

Further Considerations

How can you ensure everyone who wants to participate in your meetings can?

Knowing that the group has a standing monthly meeting is so much better than constant Doodle polls.

Kelcy Shepherd